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How it works

The cervical spine is comprised of 7 vertebrae levels (C1-7), the base of the skull (C0/ or occiput) and 8 nerve root levels. 



When the spine is at its optimal angle, which is called lordosis, there is good force distribution and stress is reduced on the joints, nerves and muscles.
If that angle is reduced and the neck becomes flatter, there is more tension, irritation and disruption of the cervical system. This can lead to compensatory muscle tightness, soreness and referral pain.

arc is designed to maintain the optimal cervical angle. When arc is used, the neck vertebrae, through gravity and passive pressure from the weight of the head, slowly and safely align into their proper position.

By using arc for 10-15 minutes a day, the cervical system, including the joints, nerves and muscles will be optimally positioned for healing and pain relief.


The cervical region is comprised of many muscles. These muscles are located around the neck, upper back, shoulder blades and chest. 

Muscle tension is typically worse at the base of the skull, called the sub occipital region. There are several muscles that attach at this region. When these muscles become irritated, such as with forward head posture mechanics, there is a strong referral pain input which can at time lead to headaches. Very often these headaches are mistaken for migraines. These areas are typically referred to as trigger points, spasms, or muscle knots.
When the neck muscles are stretched, such as with forward head posture that most people have due to constantly working at the computer, there is constant stress of the cervical system. When muscles are constantly stretched, they become irritated which creates pain.

arc creates tension relief by applying pressure to these sub occipital muscles via pressure inserts. By lying down on arc, the inserts apply pressure on the trigger points through the weight of the head creating relaxation of the muscles and relief from pain and headaches.


Sitting for long periods of time is bad…really bad. Unfortunately most us do just that

Neck MusclesWhat does working, driving, traveling and sometime even relaxing have in common for majority of people? Sitting. For majority of people sitting is the predominant activity performed.  Unfortunately, sitting for prolonged periods has many drawbacks. The human body is designed to perform many incredible feats, from running to mountain climbing, even lifting weights much more than our own body weight. However, it is not very good at sustaining and thriving during static positioning. Meaning, if you sit without moving for hours it will gradually and steadily breakdown your body.

There is a lot of emphasis on good posture. The word gets used with the assumption that if posture is corrected all will be well. That is not quite true. The dirty secret is that there is no such as thing perfect posture…at least static posture. Even if textbook posture is achieved, it will only last for a short period. The reason? Bodies are designed to be in motion! The spine does not like to be static. When the spine is unhappy, the rest of the body is unhappy.










arc is designed to not only give you perfect posture (which will be helpful) but it allows for spinal exercises, movement and improved blood flow. Unlike other pain relief devices, arc is able to be placed exactly on the sore region, perform spinal movement exercises and make sure that there is blood flow to the spine and surrounding muscles.